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Computer Works of Fresno offers complete, same day repair services to your home or office.  Our services are listed below

Same day, on-site service

Computer Works of Fresno delivers fast, professional computer and networking services to your home or office at affordable rates.  Our certified technicians will come to your home or place of business, saving you time and the inconvenience of having to leave your computer at a repair shop which could take days.

Virus, Malware and Spyware removal

If your computer is connected to the internet, it is likely that at some point, it will contract some sort of virus, malware or spyware. When this happens, let Computer Works of Frenso take care of the problem for you.  We will remove the unwanted virus or program, assess the damage to your system files and data, and if necessary restore any or all affected system files, all while preserving the integrity of your data.  And when we've finished with that, we will help you find an anti-virus solution suitable to your needs to help prevent future attacks.

Hardware and Software upgrades 

Our technicians can assess your computing needs and requirements, and then help you to either increase your old machnies performance through necessary upgrades, or designing a computer with the power and resources to accomodate your needs

Wired/wireless networking

Our technicians can set up a home or office network (wired or wireless), making it possible to share files or devices with your many online devices including other computers, tablets, smartphones, smart tv's and home entertainment systems.

Data Recovery

When dealing with data recovery, no one can offer you a 100% guarantee. However, our technicians have a very high success rate with our many recovery options. In most cases, we can recover files, folders and even entire databases that have been accidentally deleted, or on a  partition that was re-installed on or even reformatted  on-site. And if we find that a hard drive has been physically damaged and no longer functions mechanically, we will ship it to our partner company where a "new" hard drive assembly can be built around your old drive "platter", making it possible to retrieve data from it.

Laptop and Tablet screen repair

Computer Works of Fresno can repair a broken screen on all models of PC and MAC laptops, tablet, or smartphone screen

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Dont let your computer problems come to this..

Why unplug all those wires and drive your computer to a repair site, only to wait to have your computer fixed?  Our fast, friendly technicians can resolve any computer problem promptly and on-site. 

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